Monday, January 19, 2009

So you want to excel in English?

Ever since young, people have always been asking us questions like "How on earth did you girls get so good in English?" or "What do you do to be so fluent in the language?"

To be clear and honest, we do not study for this language. Just as the Bahasa Malaysia, English does not need to be studied. For us, English is more than just a subject you learn in the classroom. It is something that revolves in our everyday life. We do not just study it. We feel it. Of course the fact that we had been exposed to the language since ever so young by our parents and surroundings had helped us a lot in achieving what we have and where we are today. Yet that does not mean that ordinary people who were not exposed to this language in their childhood cannot excel in this international language. As saying says, where there's a will, there's a way.

So here we are, sharing whatever we know and whatever we did to excel in English. Are you guys ready? We hope you are because this really is fun and easy. Trust us.

The first step to excelling this language is to realize the importance of learning the English language. Why do you need to learn this language? Why do you want to master English? Of course there are lots and lots of advantages of learning this beautiful language. As we all know, this language is the international language thus making it very important to master this. In this globalized era, it is very difficult to apply for jobs or colleges if you do not even know how to speak English. It will also be very difficult to communicate with other people from all around the world if you do not master this language. Being fluent in this language helps us build more self confidence as we will be able to speak very well in this particular language. We will be able to make more friends from all over the world and of course gain more knowledge as most information nowadays are mostly found in English. Most people still refuse to realize the importance of this language, and they think that learning this is such a waste of time. They say "Why should we be learning a language brought by people who used to colonized us?" This is such a pessimistic attitude because they refuse to see what lies beneath understanding and learning this language.

English is as easy as pie. So we know what you guys are thinking. "It's easy for them to say, they're already good." Please do not assume that we have done our phDs for this subject. We are just normal, ordinary teenagers like you. Maybe even lazier than the lot of you. And this subject just happens to be our best thing because it really is easy. You are able to learn English really fast, if you implicate this to your real, everyday life, not just inside the classroom during English period. Learning this language doesn't mean that you have to read thick English novels or buy dull newspapers everyday. You don't need to buy vocabulary books or dictionaries. We know you guys are thinking that it is very impossible. Don't worry. We're here to help. :)

Learn English the fun, easy and cheap way. Now, as we all know, everybody loves music. So why not take this language and apply it to music? What we mean is, listen to English songs. Well of course not all English songs nowadays are pleasant to listen to, but some are really quite descent. Songs from the 80s and 90s are really simple and suade, whilst lullabies and movie soundtracks are very fun to hear to. Listen to the words, you will be able to learn new words and phrases. you will be able to improve your pronunciation and you will also be able to improve your vocabulary. If you don't really know what the song is all about, why not simply browse the Internet for the songwords and look up whatever you do not understand in the dictionary or ask the English teachers.

Besides listening to music, watching English shows on the television is such a good way to improve our English pronunciations. You can understand more about certain things by listening to their tones, facial expressions and actions. If you need to use subtitles, make sure you listen to what the person on screen is actually saying as you read the subtitles. This helps you understand even more a little something about English. Besides, when watching Malay or Chinese or Indian movies or shows, it would a lot of help when you read English subtitles. It really works for us, so why wouldn't it work for you?

Okay, so we admit, we don't exactly like reading, but sometimes we do entertain ourselves by reading English books, including children's storybooks. Start small and grow big. Reading children's storybooks helps, because simple words makes the beginners understand a lot about the vocabulary and grammar. Then slowly start to develop by reading more books, according to their difficulty level. Reading comic strips in newspapers or magazines are a fun way to learn English too. Try it. It could work.

People all around us know that we are webaholics. Do you know what webaholic is? It is defined as an Internet addict. But being an addict to the Internet pays, because at the same time we get increase our knowledge and English language skills. This is because most articles or news in the Internet are in English, so by always reading them we are able to enhance our grammar and vocabulary, getting brand new ideas for conversations and compositions.

Well, we really don't know what else to type here as these are mainly the things we do to increase our English level. We really hope you understand what we are saying and try to implicate thesetips in your lives as well. Try them, we wish you all the best in excelling in English too. Break a leg (:

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